BULAWAYO: Cowdray Park suburb people are paying up to $15 per trip to the city centre after Zupco withdrew buses citing bad roads.

Buses used to charge $1 per trip and the low fare forced commuter omnibuses to charge $5.

Kombis have taken advantage of the absence of buses on the Esigodweni and Empompini routes to treble their fares. 

Zupco Southern Region manager Mr Tinei Rwasoka yesterday said operators withdrew buses because the roads were in a very bad state.

Cowdray Park Councillor Kidwell Mujuru raised the issue during a full council meeting on Wednesday last week.

“People in Cowdray Park are struggling. The roads are very bad and Zupco is no longer plying our route. Kombis and private cars are charging exorbitant fares of up to $15 a trip,” said Cllr Mujuru.

He said some residents were walking up to eight kilometres to board buses in Gwabalanda suburb.

“Schools are opening next week and children from Cowdray Park need buses which are cheaper,” said Clr Mujuru.

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