Tinashe Zisengwe

Tragedy is what befell a Gweru man yesterday after his wife, sister and child were hit by an over speeding commuter omnibus which was trying to avoid potholes along Mambo road in Mkoba.

This reporter eye witnessed the tragic events at about 6 pm, where the tot died on spot and the other two were pronounced dead upon arrival at Gweru Provincial Hospital.

The driver of a Coaster commuter omnibus which plies Mkoba-City route is said to have been over speeding and failed to control the steering while trying to evade potholes, resulting in him running over the three.

The trio whose names could not be identified are from Mkoba 12, Gweru.

There was commotion for nearly an hour as people were baying for the blood of the driver who had to be escorted by police.

Meanwhile, this is the other pothole tragic accident recently following 16 people who perished, 13 of then instantly when a haulage truck crashed into a commuter omnibus carrying mourners to Masvingo along the Bulawayo –Gwanda.

Bulawayo Fire Brigade Chief Fire officer Richard Peterson confirmed the accident which happened late on Wednesday at around 11:00 pm.

Five people survived the crash with three seriously injured taken to United Bulawayo Hospital for treatment. The truck driver survived the accident.

“The driver is saying the truck reportedly hit a pothole and lost control before its load fell on the Kombi,” Peterson said.

It is believed that after the truck hit a pothole it’s front wheel locked thereby forcing it to lose control and land on the commuter omnibus.