Stanley Raphael Tshuma Khumalo a self declared King Mzilikazi II of the Ndebele people has been arrested in Bulawayo.

Impeccable sources close to the “King” claim that Tshuma – Khumalo was picked up on Thursday afternoon by members of the Police Internal Security Intelligence (PISI) at his home in Bulawayo.

 The sources further alleged that the police details search the “King’s” home and took away a lot of the his private records and artefacts.

It is not yet clear what charges are being laid against Tshuma – Khumalo.

 He was however recently involved in potentially treasonous acts which included him writing a letter to President Robert Mugabe demanding for keys to the Statehouse in Bulawayo claiming that he should be the one occupying it as King of the Ndebele people.
The Mzilikazi Team maintain that 12th of September 2017 date for Mzilikazi II’s coronation remains firmly in place and they are expecting thousands of people to throng the Arena to come and witness this day. The venue has been set as a ZIFT Main Arena, just on the edge of the City of Bulawayo, along the Hillside Road.