ZANU PF’s faction ridden Midlands province on Friday defied the party’s protocol giving peripheral attention to President Mugabe and his wife Grace whilst heaping praises on the party’s Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa; a sign that the VP is still in control of the province.

Midlands province is believed to be the strong hold for the Lacotse Faction reportedly led by VP Mnangagwa who has denied these claims.

Despite spirited efforts by the event’s master’s of ceremony, party youths braved the security and party militia, singing the popular Jah Prayzah  ‘Mudhara Vachauya’ song as Mnangagwa made his way to the stadium.

This irritated the Zanu PF youth Chairperson Kudzi Chipanga who warned the DJ that Mugabe was the only one worthy mention as Mudhara whilst Mphoko and Mnangagwa were ‘babamnini’ (young fathers).

Some of the youths wore t-shirts inscribed Vice President Mnangagwa with the visibly shaken master of ceremonies declaring that they should stop their behavior.

As if that was not enough Vice President Mnangagwa received cheers as he uttered the party’s introductions, with some of the youths seated in the VIP tent jumping with excitement as the Vice President uttered the slogan.

To make it worse, Mugabe was given an embarrassing reception when he gave his speech. Party supporters either ignored him completely or scrambled for attention to be recognized by the Red Cross which was picking up those that were fainting.

Meanwhile First Lady Grace Mugabe indirectly attacked the Vice President saying he should not wonder why evil was befalling him as he was in the habit of wanting to take over from Mugabe. m manyowa