It is now gloves off for fugitive former Zanu PF cabinet minister Saviour Kasukuwere and other exiled political figures linked to the mutilated G40 cabal after members of the notorious Ferret team reportedly crossed into neighbouring South Africa on a mission to abduct the ex-ruling party stalwarts.

According to a report in one online publication, a crack Ferret team under the headship of an Army Colonel sneaked into South Africa where former members of the G40 cabal are exiled, following the ouster of late Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe three years ago.

under siege… Members of the G40 cabal

It is reported that the 11-member notorious torture group jumped the porous Beitbridge border into South Africa with special instructions to abduct the exiled G40 members.

The group also consists of four army majors and six officers from the dreaded spy agency- the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

After successfully evading border control authorities, the ferret team is said to have headed to Johannesburg using a car with South African number plates.

Top on the list of targeted G40 fugitives are Kasukuwere, ex-Tourism and Hospitality Industry minister Walter Mzembi, former Higher and Tertiary Education deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa and the late Mugabe’s nephew and past Indegenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao.

The reports come at a time when President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government failed to effect the extradition of the former ministers back to Zimbabwe and stand trial to charges related to abuse of office.

G40 (acronym for Generation 40) was a Zanu PF intra-party cabal of ‘young Turks’ viciously opposed to Mnangagwa’s succession scheme during Mugabe’s reign.

The G40 camp was loyal to Mugabe’s wife, Grace and was backed by various ministers in the previous administration who include former Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Jonathan Moyo.

Three years after Mugabe was deposed, Mnangagwa loyalists continue to label G40 members as having resorted to the social media to portray a negative image of the country to the global community.

On the other hand, the ministers contend that they were being persecuted for differing with Mnangagwa- himself a longtime understudy of the late Mugabe.

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