HARARE: Former Mugabe political ally and ex-Zimbabwe Government Minister Mr Saviour Kasukuwere is a free man after a Harare High Court judge ruled that the magistrate who handled the case was conflicted and was used by other forces.

According to a post made by his friend and G40 ally Patrick Zhuwao on Twitter, Justice Chitapi said the magistrate “openly confessed that he was conducting the proceedings under pressure from certain persons. He was therefore not independent and impartial as his duties required him to be.”

Kasukuwere who has been in court over corruption allegations fled the country in November 2017 after General Chiwenga’s troops forced President Mugabe out of power in a soft coupe that only killed one CIO operative.

But Kasukuwere should be warned not to celebrate as Mnangagwa is hunting down former government employees who abused their power and public finances during Mugabe days.

Said Mnangagwa:

The twin evils of corruption & inefficiency must be eradicated. Agencies like the Public Service Commission & the ZACC are making this fight essential parts of their strategic plans. We will fight and defeat corruption wherever it rears its ugly head.