Zwnews Chief Correspondent

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa (ED)’s promise to fight graft was put to test yesterday, as Saviour Kasukuwere (Tyson), one of his most sought after ‘corrupt individuals’ returned home yesterday after spending six month in self-imposed exile.

Kasukuwere who had fled the country after ED took over power was said to be on the run, as Mnangagwa’s government labelled him one of the most wanted criminals

Meanwhile, the relaxed Kasukuwere, aboard a South African Airways, touched down at Robert Mugabe International Airport yesterday midday where he was briefly detained by police for interrogation before being released.

It is not yet clear if any charges have been levelled against him.

On the other hand, analysts believe that by letting Tyson scot-free, ED has undermined his seriousness in dealing with corruption.

Political analyst, Walter Wakabikwa says he don’t see Mnangagwa sticking to his guns by arresting Tyson, and that even if he does so it would be just a smoke screen, as it is highly unlikely that he will send Kasukuwere to jail.

He gives the example of Ignatius Chombo who was once arrested by the ED administration for corruption, but has never been prosecuted.

“This is more of a political grandstanding. It now depends on what they had agreed with him, as the conditions for his coming back,” he says.

At the time when he was still in exile, Kasukuwere is believed to have had been in direct contact with VP Constantino Chiwenga , supposedly discussing how the ED administration can nab Jonathan Moyo.

Wakabikwa adds that by not arresting Kasukuwere, ED’s sincerity on fighting graft would be questioned, as during the so-called operation restore legacy, Mnangagwa’s military connections claimed the November 14 mission that ended Mugabe rule was targeted at corrupt individual like Tyson.

Another political commentator, Elder Mabhunu agrees with Wakabikwa that it is highly unlikely that ED will send Tyson to jail. “Mnangagwa himself is currently surrounded by corrupt elements, and as such, it would be a misplaced trust to expect him to arrest Kasukuwere,” he says. zwnews