Shakespeare Muzavazi

ZANU PF political commissar and G40 outcast Saviour Kasukuwere committed political suicide when he joined the Grace Mugabe led faction which has since thrown him into the lion’s mouth making his dismissal from the party imminent.

Kasukuwere’s political life hangs by the thread amid accusations that he was clandestinely creating parallel Zanu PF structures across the country as part of a wider plot to unseat Mugabe.

With six out of 10 Zanu-PF’s provinces having passed a vote of no confidence in Kasukuwere, calling for his ouster from both party and Government structures surely his reign is over and his allies continue to fold their hands watching the masses throw the once mighty Tyson into the historical dustbin.

Last week Mashonaland West Province joined Harare, Midlands, Mashonaland Central, Masvingo and Bulawayo provinces in passing a vote of no confidence in Kasukuwere. 38 out of 50 Provincial Executive Council (PEC) members signed a petition at a meeting held in Chinhoyi. Zanu-PF Harare PEC on Saturday also passed a no-confidence vote on Kasukuwere and his side kick, Harare provincial commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe.

As if the demos and vote of no confidence passed against Tyson are not enough, war veterans who were kicked out of Zanu PF for trying unseat Kasukuwere have also rekindled their struggle.

Addressing the press recently Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association spokesperson, Douglas Mahiya said “We have made our own analysis that Kasukuwere, then, did not qualify to be the political commissar of Zanu PF and still does not, he was just after destroying the party and building his own presidential ambitions. The things that are being demonstrated against him today we had already seen them,” he said.

Mahiya said the war veterans would want to see Kasukuwere gone as soon as yesterday because he remained an enemy of the people who did not understand the principles of the liberation war.

Moreover ,the man who could have saved Tyson the embarrassment of being sacked has thrown the keys of life and death to the masses. Mugabe last week urged party members aggrieved by Kasukuwere to present their petitions to the politburo for redress.

Surely by joining team G40 Kasukuwere made a grave political miscalculation if not political suicide.