Former Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge who used to command the CID Law and Order Division, is reported to have fallen on hard times.

Some few years ago the CID boss was transferred from Harare to Masvingo under mysterious circumstances.

The former boss of the Law and Order Division is now trending on social media after an image purportedly showing him in his new state, went viral. Makedenge is alleged to be having mental issues, which are affecting his ability to function.

Many social media users commented on the photo narrating how Makedenge had allegedly tortured and harassed some of them when he was still in a powerful position.

Actor and activist Silvanos Mudzvova shared the image of the former top cop and captioned it warning members of the security services not to be overzealous and to desist from abusing their positions. He alleged that Makedenge had personally tortured him in front of his lawyer. He went on to say that the former top cop is now suffering from a mental condition.



Makedenge, an assistant commissioner, has presided over the arrest, detention and alleged torture of hundreds of human rights defenders, journalists, opposition politicians and civil society activists for close to two decades.

He headed the Homicide Section for a long time before transferring to the Law and Order unit that was inherited from colonial Rhodesia as a police arm to deal with threats to the sitting government.

A 2016 police source indicated that Makedenge has of late been behaving strangely and showing signs of paranoia.

He was  at some point spotted at a shopping centre in Parktown where he reportedly tried to obtain information of wanted civil protesters from ladies selling beer in the area.

Makedenge is said to have repeatedly told beer drinkers to move away from his car and would frequently seek to know who was standing close to his police vehicle.

“He asked if the vendors knew certain people and behaved like someone who was on the run. He was also continuously mumbling something about removing Bona from her home,” said one of the sources.

The late President Robert Mugabe’s daughter is also called Bona.