Zimbabwe liberation heroes Josiah and Ruth Chinamano’s son  Mr Chinhamo Chinamano (60) was yesterday found dead in a trench near his home in Old Highfield, Harare.

He is believed to have fallen into the trench on his way home from a local beer hall during the late hours of the day.

His wife Concilia Chinamano told reporters that Chinhamo left home left afternoon and did not inform her where he was going.

“I started panicking around midnight and went out looking for him, but since it was dark, the search did not help much,” she narrated. “Around 5am I went to Mbizi Police Station but I was told it was too early to make a missing person report.

 “On my way back home by a family friend, that is when I was told that he had been found in a trench. I rushed to where he was and his head was in water.”

His body was taken to Harare Central Hospital for post-mortem.