A war has erupted between former cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo and Zim Morning Post publisher Elias Mambo, as they trade (twar/ Twitter war) blows.

The former minister is claiming that Mambo is being bankrolled in his online news project by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s family so that he could help to sweep corruption issues involving the first family under the carpet.

Moyo says; “It is not bar talk @elias_mambo that you’re a paid Mnangagwa media embed.

“You confirmed your close links with them and the issue is those links, not YOU. Your screenshots show you sought to implicate @MthuliNcube & @GGuvamatanga in the Drax Scam; to cover up for Auxillia & Collins Mnangagwa!”

However, on the issue of being close to the first family, Mambo in response says;

“I was born in Torwood..Kwekwe…of a Malawian father… I grew up in Mberengwa..where I call Home..

“I grew up knowing the Mnangagwas including all his children and there is no need to apologise for that.”

Mambo went on says that he grew up talking to the Mnangagwa kids just as any other kids and up to now he says he talks to them.

He adds that they are friends just as he is friends with others including Nelson Chamisa and Chalton Hwende and Jacob Mafume from team B and again he says he has no apologies for that.

In turn, Moyo went on to say: “YOU & YOUR “BUSINESSES” are not the issue; save for your links with the Mnangagwas, who have used the links to fund your media house to cover up their.

“Auxillia Mnangagwa has paid salaries for Zim Morning Post through her son, Collins. That can’t mother investigative journalism!”

Mambo responds; “Despite all this @ProfJNMoyo I also have a side business which has been my source of funding…seeing that @ZimMorning_Post is growing and with the impact of covid19 my business can no longer sustain @ZimMorning_Post that is why we are looking for financiers.”

Mambo maintains that he is not being used by the Mnangagwas, adds that Moyo has beef with him since 2015 at the centre of the factionalism in the ruling party.

In a thread of responses Mambo says;

“He even went to extent of turning our newsroom into a toxic one…Had God not been on my side I cld have lost my job in 2016..This he knows and it was because of his lies.

“Prof always attacked me .. dismissing my stories as fictitious when I wrote abt the coup plots…its there on this TL…I will download and share screen shots.”

Mambo says he has never held a grudge and that it is sad that Prof has always been on the offensive.

Meanwhile, Moyo adds that Mambo took part in covering up dirty deals.

“Your move to Number 1 Union Avenue aside (after the Old Mutual Building option failed) you got entangled in the Gaika Mine saga working undercover, not as an investigative reporter, but for one of the parties. Then Phil Jambaya, Pascal Madiri, Liz Matibiri & others resigned. Why?”

However, Mambo says there is nothing fishy in him changing offices.

“When we moved to Number 1 Union Avenue, I had to borrow some cash to spruce up the place and up to now I haven’t paid back the money.. am only servicing interests…if u want a V11 I can share coz its not a secret..”

The fight is still on and getting tenser…… Now roped in Impala Car rental.