Self exiled ex minister Jonathan Moyo has urged ousted President Robert Mugabe to support the opposition in order to bring to an end to Zanu PF rule.

Moyo took to twitter to draw parallels between the situation in Zimbabwe and the recent shock win by new Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mahomed, a friend of Mugabe.

Aged Marathir made a stunning comeback at 92 to depose his former party and assume power after years in the doldrums. Mahathir previously served as Prime Minister between 1981 and 2003.

“That if 92-year old Mahathir (Mahomed) did it by rallying opposition forces against Malaysia’s ruling party he led and which had been in power for 61years, 94 year old President Mugabe can also did it (sic) by rallying a GNU of opposition forces against Zanu PF he led and which has ruled Zimbabwe for 38 years,” Moyo said.

His rant drew drew ire from his followers who did not warm up at the idea of Mugabe making another comeback but Moyo was quick to point out that Mugabe would not necessarily return as a leader.

“Not for Pres(ident) Mugabe to return as Head of State but for him to rally opposition forces into (a) Grand National Union by throwing his weight behind them to restore legitimacy.

It’s a lesson to draw not only from Malaysia but also from Nigeria (Olesugun) Obasanjo and Kenya (Daniel Arap) Moi,” said Moyo. news zimbabwe