Exiled former cabinet minister and Generation 40 Master-minder, Jonathan Moyo has called on for the bringing to book of soldiers and their chain of command for murdering unarmed civilians on 1 August 2018.

Moyo says years down the line, it is disheartening that justice has not been served, despite a commission have found soldiers guilty for murder.

“Harare Massacre 1 AUG 2018: The Motlanthe Commission found that #ZDF soldiers murdered six defenseless, fleeing civilians in cold blood & critically wounded 35 others; and called for the responsible soldiers & chain of command to be held accountable.

“Still no justice for victims,” he says.

Six people were killed after troops intervened to curb protests in the capital, Harare, on 1 August.

The protesters complained about the delay in releasing presidential election results fearing that rigging would have been conducted during that delay.

An independent commission led by former SA President Kgalema Mothlante said the army had acted disproportionately when it fired on fleeing demonstrators.

But the government blamed some opposition figures for inciting the violence adding that the killing of civilians was done by a third force.