Zimbabwe People First Joice Mujuru’s star continue to rise after she was recognised by other high profile women politicians as a rare example of how women can lead in politics.

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Mujuru is expected to return home with millions of dollars for her 2018 Zimbabwe elections campaign.

Photos circulating on social media show Joice Mujuru standing next to MDC heavyweights, Priscilla Misihairambwi Mushonga and Vice President Thokhozani Khupe in Dubai near Grace’s holiday hideout.

There are reports that her namesake Joice Banda former president of Malawi has annointed her as Zimbabwe’s best presidential  candidate for 2018 elections.

Mujuru’s ZimPF has taken Zimbabwe politics by storm reminding the nation of the days of MDC around 2009.

Mujuru recieved a global award prize for bravery and leadership.