Renowned Zimbabwean software engineer Freeman Chari says he just watched the Aljazeera documentary on corruption in Zimbabwe and it is irrefutable.

“I watched Part 1 of the documentary. It is thorough & irrefutable.

“Uebert Madzanire aka Angel was drooling. The smuggling network was clear. In all this, you can see the complicit of Fidelity printers & the GoZ. Like I always say, there is only one goblin in Zimbabwe – ZANU PF,” he says.

Chari adds that the gold being looted each day enough to build a district hospital.

“Gold that is smuggled each day is enough to build a district hospital. The soldiers that are protecting them are dying everyday from cholera. I hear it is ravaging the barracks. Pafungei,” says.

Zimlive editor adds his voice saying Zimbabwe has been reduced to a TV movie.

“Just finished Part 1 of Gold Mafia. There’s no country here, we’re extras in a movie.

“You have madam Loice Matanda-Moyo heading anti-corruption watchdog, busy arresting people for stealing fuel coupons while the country is being looted on a scale not even Cecil John Rhodes ever imagined.

“Now imagine going into an election with people controlling all that money. You have a dozen Macmillans ready and willing to fund Zanu PF to keep their ill-gotten gains and continue the looting and plunder. If elections are the way, that’s what Zimbabweans are up against!”

Another renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has this to say:

“We learn that Angel’s Ambassador-at-Large position is to allow him to move illegal and looted things including money without being searched.

“We learn that he has done this with up to US$300 million.

“We learn that he has the blessing of a high up authority to do this.

“Fake prophet Angel confirms that the rumors that there are people who charge huge amounts to arrange meetings with President Mnangagwa are true.

“Angel charges US$200,000 to arrange a meeting with the President.

“We will find out in episode 2 who exactly gets the US$200,000 fee!”

“From Henrieta Rushwaya’s conversation with Angel, we now know that they use private jets to pick up Gold as part of their smuggling ring.

“We know that she uses Reserve Bank’s Fidelity facility.

“We know that she launders money this way!

“You now know why I was arrested in 2020.”

Another follower who has watched it and only identified as Daddy Croc says:

“This is heart breaking news for Zimbabweans. Really, slapping with shiti on our faces. That is why it was easy for them to buy traditional Chiefs top of the range cars because they spin so much mula behind the scenes. God have mercy on us and our future generations.”

However, others say they see nothing wrong but normal business deals being depicted in the documentary.

ZANU PF Patriots says the documentary is empty.