ED Mnangagwa is now sensing danger?

ZwNews Chief Correspondent

President Emmerson Mnangagwa appears to be uneasy and now sensing danger to his ruthless rule… recent events suggest something is brewing.

  • First it was a coup that brought him up.
  • Then came shamed elections, followed by 1 August 2018 killing of unarmed civilians by the army in the full glare of the international media.
  • Before the dust settles, comes another killing of unarmed civilians who were protesting against fuel price hike.
  • Come the votes of confidence in the ZANU PF Youth League leadership that has since been overturned by the party as rumours of factionalism are swept under the carpet.
  • His deputy Constantino Chiwenga gets sick is flown to South Africa, then India.
  • Mnangagwa uses a Mwenezi rally to threaten another shooting of civilians should they protect against him again.
  • Mnangagwa reportedly beefs up his personal security. Has he made more enemies for himself than friends and now fears for his own safety?
  • His former right hand man Christopher Mutsvangwa lambasts the status quo, for hiding their evil deeds and corruption behind sanctions….Tells the failed leadership to pass on the baton stick to the younger generation.
  • Could the above threads, though not in chronological order of occurrence, be just coincidental? Or could it be a recipe for a melting pot? Can the dots be joined to come up with a picture? Only time will tell.
  • Could it be another story of Solomon Grundy’s short life? Born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Ill on Thursday, Worse on Friday, Dead on Saturday, Buried on Sunday.




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