Shakespeare Muzavazi

Cameras could not stop rolling in Chief Nhema’s kingdom where recently an irate woman, demonstrated in a brutal fashion, disapproval of her husband’s private liaisons with another woman by pouring boiling cooking oil into his face leaving him blind.

Brigdet Tembo (34) from Makomo village, Shurugwi,  who could not stomach the pain of sharing her husband Takunda Mutabisi (42) with a thigh vendor, heated 2 litres of cooking oil which she splashed on Mutabisi face leaving him with no functioning eyes.

Tembo explained the ordeal at chief Nhema’s traditional court where she accused Mutabisi of infidelity.

“My husband has been cheating me for a long time and I have been silent all this time until it got out of hand.

“He spent all his salary with a prostitute at Chachacha Business Centre where he was now renting a room with his mistress, if selling tomatoes was not one of my  jobs my children would have stopped going to school.

“As if that is not enough last month, he took my flea market earnings and squandered them all with his lover.

If you were in my shoes you would have done the same, that man is heartless and selfish,” fumed Tembo.

When asked to explain what transpired, Muthabisi only managed to say his wounds were evidence enough that his wife was heartless.

Presiding over the matter,  Chief Nhema referred the case to Tongogara Police Station.

Tembo was later arrested and will appear in court on Wednesday this week. zimnews