African National Congress (ANC) secretary-general Fikile Mbalula told supporters in the Western Cape there are benefits they will be excluded from, such as getting jobs without experience required, because they are governed by the DA and not voting for the ANC.

Mbalula said ANC supporters in the province choose to gallivant on voting day while DA supporters come out to vote for their party.

He reminded supporters of the ANC’s 2.5-million jobs promise if it remains in power.

The ANC has put an end to entry-level jobs requiring experience, and the Western Cape is an exception because it is led by the DA, he said.

Last year the government said previous work experience would no longer be a requirement for entry-level government jobs, and it has since advertised some vacancies that require no previous work exposure.

Official unemployment figures indicate at least 32.1% of citizens are without jobs.

The ANC lost its grip on the Western Cape in the 2009 elections.