Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Secretary General Charlton Hwende says he rejected free food offered to delegates during main Independence celebrations presided over by President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Bulawayo yesterday.

His sentiments follows after Hwende who attended the celebrations was pictured enjoying an ice cream, amid warnings by party supporters.

The internet went haywire with some people warning him to be wary of being poisoned.

Some reminded of how Mnangagwa was once poisoned at a ZANU PF function after eating an ice cream from late former President Robert Mugabe’s farm.

Meanwhile, Hwende responding to the warning said he had bought the ice cream he was eating.

“Thanks for your concern Citizens I didn’t get this ice cream for free, I declined the offer of food given to the people seating in this bay but bought an ice cream from a vendor.

“I think I should have avoided anything served at the Stadium. I will be more careful next time,” he says.