Kelly Khumalo has again taken shots at her critics, telling trolls that she will not be silent while they try to tear her down.

The songbird took to Instagram recently to post a public service announcement to all her haters, telling them that she will not keep quiet just because she is a celebrity.

“I want to lay down some ground rules, because I see people are getting out of hand. If you are going to talk s**t at me, my darling, I am going to say s**t back at you. I am not the kind to back down.”

She warned that she would send trolls back to their mothers.

“This thing of saying she is a celebrity and won’t say anything back, se g*t. You are not my friend, OK.”

This is not the first time that Kelly has put trolls in their place.

Earlier this month Kelly took aim at body shamers, saying she would not be policed by them.

“So as I was posting pictures and someone says to me “Hey Kelly, but you’re looking nice but you’re gaining some fat, maybe if you … ” Hey! Bit** stop it! If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut your mouth!” she said, adding that she happens to love her fat.

-Times Live