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I will be staying in rural areas, recruiting and mobilizing people to vote, says Chamisa

Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa says as the stage heats up for the 2023 do or die general election, he will leave no stone unturned to win the rural vote.

According to close sources, addressing a fully packed Mucheke Old Hall in Masvingo urban ward 1, a meeting for 26 Masvingo CCC district leaders yesterday, Chamisa said he will be staying in rural areas recruiting, mobilizing and encouraging people to vote.

He said, urban areas are CCC dominated hence the need for CCC leaders to invade rural areas to win state power in 2023.

The following were Chamisa’s key talking points:

1. He thanked whole heartedly the Masvingo CCC leaders for sacrificing their money and other resources to attend the meeting. He promised that in near future the party will foot transport bills for it’s leaders.

2. Chamisa explained how the late President Tsvangirai nurtured him and pass the leadership baton to him.

3. He in detail explained how Citizens Coalition for Change was formed. Citizens Coalition for Change is Christ centered and God fearing party.

Saying that is why Zanu PF is failing to destroy it and CCC popularity and victory is centred on God.

4. He exhaustively explained how Zanu PF and MDC T led by Mwonzora tried to destroy democratization and people’s desire for Change and great life in Zimbabwe. Zanu PF and Mwonzora fought President Chamisa , stole party funds, properties and other things.

5. President Chamisa thanked Masvingo Citizens for winning 4 council seats in Masvingo urban.

6. However, he expressed his disappointment on how Masvingo CCC leaders failed to deal with Zanu PF rigging during 26th March 2022 by elections in areas such as Mwenezi East, Chivi South and Chivi North.

6. He also noted that Masvingo CCC leaders failed to adequately deployed virgilant and fearless election agents during 26th March 2023 by elections.

6. President Chamisa emphasized the importance of trained polling agents. No to polling agents who drink alcohol.

7. President Chamisa expressed his worry on the poor performance of Masvingo during 2013, 2018 and 2022 election performance. To justify Masvingo poor election performance President Chamisa compared 2018 election results where Zanu PF got 340 000 votes and MDC Alliance got around 170 000 votes.

8. To win Masvingo in 2023, President Chamisa declared that, Masvingo CCC members must work hard in all rural and resettlement areas such as Chiredzi North, Mwenezi East, Chiredzi South, Chivi South among others. Masvingo province has only one urban constituency and the rest are 25 rural constituencies. In 2018, President Chamisa’s Mp Nyokanhete won Masvingo urban and Zanu PF won 25mps.

9. To win Masvingo presidential vote President Chamisa demanded that Masvingo CCC members should mobilize , recruit , register 650 000 people to vote in 2023.

10. Chamisa encourage Masvingo CCC members to :
Register in big numbers
Vote in big numbers
Defend vote in big number
Win in big numbers. This will make it difficulty for Zanu PF to rig elections.

11. Chamisa introduced the new mobilization strategy that is centred on mobilizing and recruiting on street and village level.

12. Chamisa spoke against gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are people who elbow others from joining CCC.

13. CCC is not a party of wealth seekers and not a party of position oriented persons.

14. Citizens have power to select and elect their mps , councillors, senators, proportional representatives and provincial councillors.

15. All current mps , councillors, senators, Proportional representatives and provincial councillors will be subjected to performance based evaluation and assessment. Those who fail to make the grade will not represent the party in 2023.

16. There are mps, senators and proportional representatives who have never uttered a word or make any contribution in Parliament since 2018. They are poor performers and will not come back in 2023.

17. There are mps, councillors, senators and proportional representatives who are not mix and attending to the citizens needs since 2018. Some mps, senators and proportional representatives are now staying in Harare in hotels and are no longer working in their constituencies. In 2023, these elected officials will not be considered.

18. 2023 candidates: Mps, councillors, proportional representatives and senators will be selected 8 months before nomination court. Citizens will select their representatives. No imposition of candidates in 2023.

19. Vote apathy during 2022 by elections was caused by the fact that majority of Zimbabweans want to vote during Presidential vote. However, President Chamisa said, people must vote for councillors and mps resoundingly. He argued that, CCC must have majority in Parliament and in councils across Zimbabwe. This makes President Chamisa’s leadership easy after winning 2023 elections.

20. President Chamisa said, rural campaigns , mobilization and recruitment must be done immediately in Masvingo.

21. Masvingo CCC leadership structures were dissolved yesterday. President Chamisa said, organizing committee led by Organiser Chibaya will announce Masvingo interim structures soon.

22. CCC national Congress, blue prints and other important events will be announced in due course after extensive consultations with citizens.

23. President Chamisa encourage party members to use social media such as whatsaap to advance party agenda, mobilization and recruitment. No need to fight on social media.

24. President Chamisa acknowledge the hardwork being done by many Masvingo members and said, everyone who is working hard will be rewarded.

25. President Chamisa acknowledge great work done by National organiser Hon Chibaya and Beitbridge councillor Morgan Ncube who is deputy national organizer.

26. Special thanks go to Masvingo Provincial Administrator Mandi Matutu, Youth secretary of Elections Mr Nyahunda and many Masvingo leaders who helped in resource mobilization for this meeting to go ahead smoothly.

27. Just after President Chamisa’s speech, Hon. Chibaya the CCC national organiser took the mic and gave vote of thanks to President Chamisa. Hon Chibaya then requested President Chamisa to fire him if Chivi South and Chivi North fail to defeat Zanu PF in 2023.

28. Masvingo urban ward 1 councillor Mrs Maridza dumped MDC T Mwonzora faction and joined President Chamisa’s party yesterday. She even attended yesterday’s meeting.

29. President Chamisa announced that CCC party launch will be there soon. Party members will be advised soon.

30. Chamisa celebrates the citizens for winning 26th March 2022 by elections. CCC won 19 mps and 75 councillors. He thanked everyone who voted, supported the candidates financially and materially. He thanked CCC supporters in Zimbabwe and other countries.


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