Temba Mliswa blasts Simba Chikore, sends ‘love’ message to Bona Mugabe

With so many people joking that Norton MP Temba Mliswa’s “next target” is the pride and joy of former Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe. Mliswa wasted no time and sent the “love texts” below to the recently divorced Bona Mugabe.

Read his full message below:

The separation of Bona from Simba Chikore is actually good news for her. That guy wasn’t good for her and didn’t deserve her. She is a model for the girl child, calm, unassuming and handles herself well. She deserves a life in peace.

The guy was out for dodgy business deals, associating with the First Family only and name-dropping for personal aggrandisement. You can’t hold on to such. You will be well Mangwenya. I liked you from the day I met you at a meeting with President Mugabe in Zvimba.

You came across as a level headed person. I will forever respect you and pray for you. Your life can still go on. Be strong.
Temba Mliswa