A MINISTRY of Primary and Secondary Education inspector who allegedly murdered his wife who was a lecturer at the Midlands State University (MSU) has claimed that he killed her in self-defence.

Fred Nyamhanga Shavi, 63, appeared for initial remand before Magistrate Judith Taruvinga for the alleged murder of his wife, Netsai Ncube, 48, a lecturer in the department of Agriculture, Livestock and Wildlife Management at the MSU.

Shavi, of Southdowns suburb in Gweru, was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to March 16.

According to Shavi’s warned and cautioned statement, he alleged that Ncube brought “an object” into their bedroom as he slept between 2AM and 3AM on February 27 intending to attack him.

He did not name or specify what the object was, but prosecutors described it as an iron hoe.

Shavi alleged that Ncube attacked him first, before he wrestled the weapon from her.

“Early Saturday, between 2AM and 3AM, Netsai woke up saying she was visiting the toilet. After a while and as I looked up through the bedroom door, I noticed that she was holding an object. On entering the bedroom, she proceeded to where I slept and swung the object intending to strike me. We wrestled and I managed to get the weapon and struck her and she groaned,” said Shavi.

He said he then ran away from the scene leaving Ncube alone and bleeding.

 Shavi said he visited his mother and relatives in Sanyati.

“I left home fearing for my life as my brothers-in-law were known to be violent. Later, I phoned Xmas Mutero to go and check on Netsai’s condition and possibly take her to hospital. I voluntarily handed myself over to the police at Sanyati Police Station,” he said.

Shavi also alleged that the couple had a history of marital problems centred on infidelity claims.

“On the night of Friday 26, 2016, Pastors Tapera and Mutero had held discussions with Netsai on the marital problems between me and Netsai as I was emotionally stressed.

“These related to her affair with Prosper Mabhuro which had been going on for quite some time resulting in her not coming home sometimes and to my former wife Grace Muchadenyika whom she thought I was having an affair with and she indicated that she was bitter,” said Shavi.

He did not say anything about Arnold Kapenzi, a lecturer at the MSU who allegedly committed suicide amid claims by his friends that he had an affair with Ncube.

The friends said Kapenzi panicked after his alleged lover was killed by her husband.

Prosecutor, Lloyd Mavhiza told the court that Shavi struck Ncube three times on the head using an iron hoe and fled the scene. Ncube was dead by the time she was taken to hospital hours later.