Comic Pastor, the award-winning comedian also known as Prosper Ngomashi, has been accused of abuse by his alleged ex-wife, Munyaradzi Mavura.

Mavura recently made the allegations on her Facebook account, stating that she had decided to speak out in order to heal from the abuse she suffered during her marriage to Comic Pastor.

However, when contacted by H-Metro for comment, Comic Pastor denied knowing Mavura and only acknowledged his current wife, Noddy.

He stated that he would only comment on the matter if Noddy complained to the media.

Mavura also claimed that Comic Pastor cheated on her with Noddy, who is now his current wife, and was physically abusive towards her.

She recounted a particular incident in which she was severely beaten by Comic Pastor after contacting Noddy using his phone.

Mavura alleged that Noddy and Comic Pastor had also teamed up to physically and emotionally abuse her, resulting in a miscarriage.