A WOMAN from Dzivaresekwa says she caught her husband, who is a self-styled prophet, having sex with another woman in his car.

The husband, said Sarafina Makota, apologised for his shameless deeds.

She revealed this at the Harare Civil Court yesterday in a case in which she was being accused of inflicting emotional and verbal abuse on Rebecca Sanali.

The protection order, demanded by Sanali, was dismissed because of lack of evidence.

Sarafina told the court that Rebecca was mocking her for being barren and seduced her husband to bear him a child.

“I caught her having sex with my husband in his car and she admitted to the affair,” she said.

“My husband apologised, he even broke his old sim card to avoid her but she keeps begging my 26-year-old husband to impregnate her because I can’t have kids and she is in her late 30s.”

Sarafina claimed she was not in a relationship with Rebecca’s husband, who is a self-styled prophet.

“Ndiri Madzimai and her husband anondishandira so she saw me with him and assumed that we were having an affair.

“Whenever we meet in the neighbourhood, she insults me and she even approached my relatives insulting them and demanding my panties to bewitch me.”

Sarafina denied the allegations saying Rebecca was pulling off stunts to snatch her husband.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed the application.

“The applicant (Rebbecca) failed to submit evidence of abuse and the court was left to speculate, she managed to make bold accusations without evidence,” she said.

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