File image: A JOHANNE Marange Apostolic Sect member reportedly killed his wife after she refused to shave her hair and have a BALD head.

Daniel Mufambi (35), accused his wife, Benedict Mutero (22), of refusing to abide by the church’s doctrine of shaving their heads bald.

Provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Milton Mundembe, said Mutero died on arrival at Guruve Hospital on October 28.

“On the fateful day, the couple had a misunderstanding, with Mufambi accusing his wife of disregarding church doctrine,” he said.

“He then ordered his wife to accompany him to a church service and she refused.

“He started flogging, slapping and punching her all over the body.

“Mutero collapsed, was unconscious and he dragged her into a kitchen hut.”

Insp Mundembe said Mutero’s mother, Agnes Mufambi (59), who witnessed the violence from her home, 300m away, asked her daughter Tabeth to intervene.

“Tabeth restrained her brother-in-law from further assaulting Mutero, while Daniel’s brother, Obvious, secured transport to take her to hospital.

“Mutero was rushed to hospital where she was pronounced dead on arrival.

“Police from Guruve attended the scene, but Mufambi had already fled. 

“The deceased had bruises all over the body and a swollen head.”

Insp Mundembe appealed to people with information on the whereabouts of Daniel to alert the nearest police station.

He also advised couples in abusive relationships to open up and seek help from relatives and law enforcement agents in the early stages of their dispute.

He said Christian couples must be exemplary by safeguarding life.