We all know the crypto market is growing rapidly, and everyone is dreaming of investing in this market as this market is giving a considerable return. Reports claim that users have earned more than 100% profit from their crypto investment in a year. A few people are not interested in this market because of its volatile nature. But if one can control their emotion while investing, there is a high chance that the user will become a successful trader. If you are new to this market, you need to gather knowledge, because investing your funds without knowing the nature of the market is not a wise decision. You can also increase your earnings by investing in popular currencies through biticodes.

Steps to become a successful crypto trader:

If you’re new to this world, choosing the correct currency for yourself can be complex and confusing. One can follow these few simple steps and start their investment journey in crypto. But before you start investing in this field, get this one thing in your head at that anything can happen in the market, you can lose some part of your money, or you may also lose your entire capital.

  • Select A Crypto Exchange

You will require a crypto exchange, starting from purchasing a coin and ending with maintaining the fund. For the one who doesn’t know, crypto exchange is a platform where various individuals come to trade on various currencies. Some exchange also charges a minimum fee for maintaining your account, so make sure you are well aware of the exchange’s terms and conditions before you invest in it.

  • Create And Verify 

Once you select the proper crypto, go through the company’s terms and conditions. Choose the currency you want to purchase or invest in and verify your account with your KYC documents. This is one of the essential steps that an individual needs to follow as it will help them protect from fraud. You may only be able to buy or sell such digital assets after verifying your account with KYC.

  • Start With Depositing Cash. 

Once you pass the verification process, you can fund your account and start investing. You can deposit money by adding your bank account or using various other payment methods offered by the exchange. Make sure, you must check their charges before you fund your crypto account because you need to pay an additional charge if you use your credit cards to buy crypto currencies.

  • Place your first order.

We all know that any financial institute or bank does not support the crypto market. Even if they run under blockchain technology, there are still high chances of getting your account hacked. So, to get through it, you only need secure storage for your currencies. You can choose a hardware-based wallet or hot wallet to store your coins. It is better to use a device-based or cold wallet to store your coins as these wallets are less vulnerable to be hacked.

A Few Things To Know Before Investing

If you’re a newcomer, it is essential for you to know that investing takes little time. All that takes time is gathering relevant information for the currency you are going to purchase, as with proper knowledge, it is possible for an individual to have success in the long run. So, before you enter the market, make sure you follow up on all the latest events and you must keep your eyes on the latest trends of this market.

  • Individuals should never be in a hurry while investing, or they will lose everything.
  • It is suggested to invest in stablecoins if you want to play safe.
  • Choosing the right wallet will help you to keep your coins safe.
  • You can only be a successful trader when you have complete knowledge about the crypto ecosystem.


If you are the one who wants to enter the crypto world, then this article is for you as it carries all the relevant information about the same. If you want to play safe, consider investing in stablecoins for a long time and if you are planning intraday trading, choose a volatile coin to try and benefit from the market fluctuations. One can also follow a few famous traders so that they can eliminate the chances of losses and can add some extra profit to their account.