A house was gutted by fire in Mainway Meadows, Waterfalls, Harare on Monday in a suspected solar battery wiring fault.

It is reported that kids who were in the house escaped unhurt, but, all property worth thousands of dollars was destroyed including a Toyota Prado, The Herald reported citing witnesses.

Meanwhile, cases of houses being gutted by fire are common in the capital.

In most cases electrical faults as a result of poor wiring, or after power outage is restored have been blamed.

This usually happens when appliances like irons, stoves are left on during power an outage, then electricity returns resulting in gadgets heating up.

Most recently, a family in Cranborne suburb, Harare, appealed for financial and material assistance after their newly-built house and property valued at US$150 000 was gutted by fire under unclear circumstances.

The family ruled out electrical fault since there was no electricity on the day in question.