A 48-year-old man stabbed a DJ FOUR times, with a sword, killing him instantly, at a party in Highfield over the weekend.

He was arrested yesterday.

Ediso Sani is being accused of stabbing the DJ, known only as Cosmos four times in the abdomen and throat.

Sani was reportedly targeting his ex-wife, Amina Rufani, 30, and turned his sword on Cosmos when he tried to restrain him.

“I separated with Ediso sometime in January this year following a misunderstanding,” said Amina.

“He accused me of having an extramarital affair after I left home without informing him.

“Akadaidza vatete vangu akavatambidza gupuro rebhaudhi remotokari kwete mari.                                                        

“On the day in question, he came to my friend’s birthday party looking for me.

“Ediso took our three-year-old girl with him and left her at Willowvale Flats.

“He returned to the party armed with a sword baying for my blood.

“Ediso charged at me, and we fought, with guests trying to restrain us.

“After some women failed to restrain him, Cosmos left his PA system to restrain us and Ediso turned his sword on him.

“He stabbed him ruthlessly several times and he died on the spot.

“He has been abusive for the six years we have been together and when I saw him at the party, I sensed danger,” said Amina.

Sani was detained at Machipisa Police Station.