There is the heaviest police deployment in Nyatsime today around Moreblessing Ali’s residence never witnessed in this country, says family lawyer.

The family’s lawyer Job corps says it is their hope the heaviest deployment is to keep peace for Moreblessing Ali’s Memorial Service Prayer to go ahead peacefully without incident.

The family is planning to hold a memorial prayer service this afternoon.

Sikhala has since urged fellow citizens to throng Ali’s place for prayers.

“Lets all throng Moreblessing Ali’s residence in Nyatsime today at 1pm for the the Memorial Prayer service.

“This is the day of Mourning for Moreblessing Ali,” he says.

Meanwhile, the family has vowed that they are not going to bury her mutilated body until the murderer(s) are arrested.

Apparenyly, Ali’s funeral has since been turned into a war zone with ruling party members allegedly beating up mourners.