While most Zimbabwean University students are struggling to pay their RTGS$700 tuition fee, a school in Harare has hiked its second term school fees up to $10 800 local currency or US$2 455, for full borders

Arundel School in Mt Pleasant, has notified parents of the fee hike in a letter dated 12 April 2019 and signed by one D. Hoto, Chairman of the Board of Governors and Trustees of the school:

Re: Term 2/2019 fees

On behalf of the Arundel Board, thank you to all who attended the fees meeting on Tuesday 9 April 2019. Although we continue to operate in an uncertain environment, the school must continue to operate well.

The letter then states the approved fees for the second term which are as follows:

  1. Day scholar – RTGS$6 600.00 or USD1 500.00
  2. Weekly Border – RTGS$8 900.00 or USD2 023.00
  3. Full Boarder – RTGS$10 800 OR USD 2 455.00

The letter further states:

The budget and fees for the second term were set in RTGS dollars however, parents requested to be given the US dollar equivalent amount that could be paid.

It was agreed that those paying the full fee in US dollars, as shown above, will not be subject to a Top-up during the term.

However, for those paying in RTGS dollars, the school will charge a Top-up during the term if necessary.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter.