There are new developments after a scandal erupted at Westridge Primary School in Belvedere where two teachers, Thomas Chikanga, 51, and Nomathamsanqa Nyathi, 36, found themselves embroiled in a compromising situation over a week ago. The revelation of their month-long affair came to light when the pair was discovered together in bed during the early hours of Saturday, leading to a viral video capturing the scene.

Chikanga and Nyathi, colleagues at the school, had been engaging in an adulterous relationship despite Nyathi being married to Noel Matiza, a soldier stationed in Kwekwe. Nyathi’s husband’s absence seemingly provided them with opportunities to conduct their affair, even within the confines of Nyathi’s matrimonial home.

The couple’s teaching positions, each worth $1.2k monthly, are no longer theirs

In response to the scandal, school authorities swiftly took action, with Chikanga and Nyathi being terminated from their positions as teachers at Westridge Primary School. Despite briefly reporting for duty on Monday, the duo left the school premises without conducting any lessons. The decision to terminate their employment was made due to the damage their actions inflicted upon the institution’s reputation. The pair forfeits teaching positions worth US$ 1.200 per month.

The termination of Chikanga and Nyathi’s employment highlights the seriousness with which the school administration views such misconduct, emphasizing the importance of upholding professional conduct and ethical standards within the educational environment.