The Tilda Show, known for the bizarre, the mysterious and for exposing unscrupulous characters literary dropped jaws this week with its latest offering when a family came forward with claims that their stepdad was not only in a relationship with the mother but her three daughters as well.

The issue came to light after the mother and then subsequently her daughters were all diagnosed with the STI believed to be contracted from their step dad.

According to the mother, she was a divorcee who needed to make ends meet and support her family so she took up the profession of a cross border trader. Soon she met a fellow male trader and the two fell in love.

 Her fiance quickly assumed the role of stepfather to her three daughters with whom he was staying with now and was also actively involved in their welfare.

The woman claims her woes started when she began experiencing chronic abdominal pains. She took to using herbal remedies to try and cure her ailment but nothing worked. Simultaneously. her daughters followed suit with the same problem. Thinking she was a victim of witchcraft together with her daughters she went to seek the services of a spiritual healer. She claims the clairvoyant told her that she had the same ailment as her daughters and that had husband was sleeping with all of them.

Seeking another opinion she then went to a hospital and was diagnosed with an STI related illness. In a moment of panic she also took her daughters to be tested and they tested positive for the same STI.

She quickly confronted her daughters who denied ever having se_xual relations with their stepfather. She resorted to corporal punishment as an interrogation and all her daughters confirmed her greatest fear.

 The oldest aged (27) said her affair with the stepfather began when he asked for financial aid from him as she wanted to also become a cross border trader. The man gave her money in exchange of se_x and thus began their relationship.

The second eldest (24) said she caught their stepfather giving money to her older sister and in panic the man thought she knew of the affair and began bribing her with money as well. Shortly afterwards she also began sleeping with him just like her sister.

The youngest (19) caught wind of the affairs and threatened to report to their mother but the stepfather also started bribing her then engaging into se_xual activities with her as well.

All three daughters admitted to having a consensual affair with their stepfather but also claimed he must have used juju to charm them into his bed as they have no recollection of the fore_play before the deed.

The emotional girls blasted their stepfather for having a forked tongue and their mother backed them up. The emotional mother suggested a sound whipping for the man in order to get a truthful confession.

The stepfather who was also present in the studio vehemently denied ever having an affair with the three girl and he pompously said there was no proof. He admitted spreading an STI to their mother but denied any connections to her daughters and claimed they were telling attention seeking folktales about him.