Zweli Lunga, a lawyer from Harare, has demanded a retraction from Acie Lumumba after the socialite accused him of having a love affair with his wife, which allegedly led to their break-up.

Lumumba claimed on Facebook that Lunga colluded with his wife to defraud him of US$200,000 from the sale of a matrimonial property, and accused the lawyer of using his influence to restrict Lumumba’s access to his son.

Lunga’s lawyers have demanded that Lumumba retract his claims, stating that their client is happily married and does not engage in extramarital affairs with clients or married women.

They have also advised Lumumba to approach the Children’s Court if he wants access to his child, rather than dragging other people into his marital issues.

If Lumumba fails to retract his claims, Lunga may pursue legal action for defamation and file a criminal complaint for cyberbullying and harassment.