Harare water challenges are worsening as the day passes by with residents have gone for close to a week now without the precious liquid raising fears of looming disease outbreaks.

A snap survey carried out in most suburbs in the city aiming to be a world class city by 2030 showed that in most areas tap water has not been accessed for more than four days now.

The severe situation has not spared domitory towns of Norton and Chitungwiza that feeds off from Harare’s water sources.

A resident from Dzivaresekwa 4 area Mr Prosper Muringai said the area has gone for more than five days without tap water.

“Council should not take us for a ride, the situation is now unbearable l have never heard of a single trip for management and councillors that has been cancelled due to lack of financial challenges, but when it comes to our welfare they always treat us an option not a priority,” he said.

Farai Marenga from Highfield echoed similar sentiments saying water woes were now more of a lifestyle rather than an event.

“We are now used to water challenges more like Zesa outages, but we are saying as a city we deserve better, areas like Mutare cannot be seen performing better than us,” he said.

A Mabvuku resident had no kind words for the local authority saying in his area tap water was last received in 2014.

“I last received tap water in 2014 and l have since lost hope of using tap water in my life,” he said.

Harare City Council on Tuesday issued a statement saying water woes were being caused to due to severe shortages of water treatment chemicals, but assured that the situation would have normalised by today.