Highfield residents are up in arms with the City of Harare over its decision to evict them from their houses and vowed never to leave the premises.

The City of Harare Highfield West housing dispute took a new twist this week when council descended on the suburb to evict residents of the two roomed quarters around the Highfield Canaan area.

A visit to the location revealed property scattered outside the houses with stranded residents pondering on their next move.

The residents who claim to have been staying in the council houses for more than 50 years said the move is politically motivated blaming the MDC run council for targeting Zanu PF supporters.

The area legislator Psychology Mazivisa echoed the residents sentiments accusing council of imploring such tactics to frustrate residents for their political affiliation particularly ahead of the 2018 election.

Harare City Council spokesperson, Mr Michael Chideme said the residents have not been forthcoming in meeting their rental arrears let alone making a payment plan.

Regularisation of housing issues continue to hog the Harare City Council as demonstrations also sparked in Hopley this week where residents are demanding that their stay be above board. zbc