Tinashe Kuzomuka

HIV testing has become easier for Gweru residents following the recent introduction of a self-testing kit by the city’s New Start Centre, an official has said.

Speaking at the Zimbabwe Family Planning Council (ZNFPC) offices last week a senior official who preferred anonymity said they have introduced the use of HIV self-testing kits at their various centres in the city.

“We have introduced the system at our offices in Mtapa and CBD. Individuals who had the phobia to be tested are now able and free to test themselves through the introduction of this facility, “she said.

The source added that the target for this self-testing method is still in the urban areas where they are test running the initiative, after the trial run the idea will be sold to rural areas.

Before accessing the kit one watches a video on how to self-test. If satisfied and convinced one will then proceed to do the self-testing practice.

The health official also said individuals are allowed to take the kit to their homes for self-testing and a follow up will be made by the service providers were they will collect the results to assess if there is need for medication.

She added that they will engage council officials and negotiate for the placement of drop-off boxes were positive patients will send their details so that they can be referred for treatment.