While the Zimbabwean taxpayer is wallowing in abject penury, government has spent US$155 286-00 buying 64 wigs for Judges from London.

Investigations carried out by the Zimbabwe Independent indicate that, the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) ordered the 64 wigs from the exclusive and expensive Stanley Ley Legal Outfitters in London.

The shop sells wigs for prices between £1 329-12 (US$1 744-24) and £2 495-83 (US$3 274-51).

Stanley Ley Legal Outfitters says the

….…all the wigs at the shop…are handmade by craftsmen in England using traditional methods unchanged over centuries…They are made from 100 percent pure horsehair.

Some of the wigs were delivered to the JSC this week. However, the JSC is looking for 10 new judge which means that the government will have to order more wigs for the new judges.   An official from the Ministry of Justice told the Independent.

Eight of the judges will be stationed at the High Court while two will be stationed at the Supreme Court.

This means more wigs will have to be purchased. Additional judges will also be recruited next year because the Constitutional Court- the highest in the land – will have its own judges. At least seven judges will be appointed to the Constitutional Court