A man from Gutu has taken his 23-year-old daughter as his second wife after having been abusing her since she was in Grade seven.

50-year-old Richard Mazviyo from Mushaviri Village has taken advantage of his daughter, Beaular Mazviyo, for about ten years. Beaular is dumb, and people have difficulty communicating with her.

Hmetro says concerned villagers tipped them off, Richard was found guilty and convicted of raping his daughter. He actively served six years in prison and insisted fellow villagers were trying to tarnish his name and get him arrested again.

‘I never raped my daughter as alleged, but all the villagers are against me. I do not know why, maybe it’s a bad spell.’

Mazviyo goes on to narrate about how he was arrested in 2014 after being accused of raping his daughter. He was convicted and sentenced to 12 years.

Mother and daughter fall pregnant after father’s release

‘Upon my release, after serving six years, my daughter got pregnant as well as my wife and everyone accused me of being responsible for my daughter’s pregnancy’

Richard was arrested and spent some months in remand prison but claimed that the authorities failed to get evidence to convict him, and he was released.

Mazviyo showed H-metro, the child who he claims everyone says looks like him. Richard no longer cares what people say and shares that he does not want anyone separating him from his daughter.

Mazviyo states that his daughter is dumb, and because of that, he does not want any man to marry her.

Richard’s wife, Winnie Gebe, shared that one night, her husband woke up in the middle of the night and went to knock at his daughter’s bedroom door. When Winnie confronted him, he claimed he wanted fire to light his cigarette. When Winnie attempts to ask her daughter what happened, she faces a communication barrier as she does not speak.

The lamenting mother shared that she is heartbroken over the issue but can not do anything about it.