Police authorities in Manicaland Province have confirmed the arrest of a 39-year old Nyanga man who gruesomely stoned his father to death after having accused him of being in possession of tokoloshes , or goblins.

The now deceased Alois Tanyanyiwa Sachota (70) is reported to have died on the spot after he was stoned in the presence of his wife, by his son Josphat Sachota.

This was after the later had accused the now deceased of posessing the goblins.

“On 30 May at around 5pm, Alois was on his way from the garden in the company of his wife Mary Durukwa (46), when Josphat approached him. He shouted at his father and accused him of possessing goblins. He charged towards him and struck him with several stones. The father died on the spot”, provincial police spokesperson Luxson Chananda said.

The case was reported at Nyamaropa Police Station leading to Josphat’s arrest.