By Samson Muchirahondo

Leaders of the Zimbabwe National Youth Service (ZNYS) ak.a Border Gezi /Green Bombers have promised to do a Gukurahundi style campaign on MDC-Alliance supporters in Shurugwi, soon after the inauguration of President elect Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Speaking at a meeting recently held at Shurugwi Zanu-PF office, a Section Commander of the ZNYS who identified himself as CDE Darlington Chinenge is alleged to have said his battalion shall engage in a cleanup campaign to deal with all MDC-Alliance supporters in Shurugwi North Constituency soon after the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Soon after the inauguration of Ngwena(Mnangagwa’s nick name), We shall have our own Gukurahundi campaign to flash out all the MDC –Alliance dissidents in our constituency.

These sellouts must be dealt with the Chimurenga way “pasi nemhandu” (down with the enemy),” said Chinenge.

He also accused the MDC-Alliance leadership of causing the violence that erupted in Harare resulting in the United States of America renewing sanctions against Zimbabwe.

Chinenge also noted that all Zanu-PF councillors who got more votes than President Mnangagwa in the July 30 polls shall be severely dealt with when the party holds its election post mortem process.
“We have some councillors in our midst who sold out the revolution by engaging in Bhora Musango, the party gave them US$2000 to campaign for the president but some of them squandered the money and campaigned for themselves.

“How is it possible that a Councillor gets more votes than the President, this is a clear presentation that the Councillor told the people to vote for him only? We shall deal with these political prostitutes when we engage in the party election post-mortem process,” he said.

This comes at a time when MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa approached the constitutional court claiming that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission engineered the presidential election results in favor of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.