HARARE: Former Zimbabwe First Lady Doctor  Amai Grace Mugabe’s son, Mr Russel Goreraza, has fallen on hard times after his landlord issued out summons for his eviction from a Harare flat over rent arrears amounting to $65 801.

Mr Goreraza, who is Mrs Mugabe’s son from her marriage with Stanley Goreraza, did not pay rent to the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council Pension Fund during the last three years.

He entered a lease agreement for Number 4A Clarence Drive, Nikolas Point, Flat 3 Newlands, Harare, with the Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council, but he defaulted on paying rent.

Since 2015, Mr Goreraza had been occupying the property without paying the rent. At the time of issuance of the summons, the bill had ballooned to $65 801.

According to the papers filed at the High Court, the landlord is seeking eviction of Mr Goreraza from the property and payment of the outstanding rent.

The property owner is also seeking cancellation of the lease agreement.

Meanwhile, Goreraza is also being pursued by authorities in South africa after he failed to keep up with maintenance for a child he has with a local woman.

He has since been slapped with a warrant issued by a South African court.

Goreraza bought cars worth more than one million dollars few weeks before his step-father, Mr Robert Mugabe, was deposed in a military coup. He has since sold the vehicles.