Grace Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s first lady celebrated her 51st birthday yesterday.

Grace Mugabe cutting her birthday cake last year

File: Grace Mugabe Birthday Celebration

Born in Benon South Africa in 1965, Grace then moved to Zimbabwe in 1970 where she remained until she got work in Mugabe’s office as a typist in the late 80s.

After years of office affair behind the late first lady Sally, Grace officially married President Mugabe in 1996 in a public wedding ceremony attended by Nelson Mandela.

The first lady remained on the sidelines of mainstream politics but became more involved towards the end of 2014 when she pushed the then vice president Joice Mujuru and many other influential people out of Zanu PF party.

She is rumoured to be in line to succeed her 92 year old husband Robert Mugabe and faces stiff competition from VP Emmerson Mnangagwa who has the backing of war veterans and military in the race to take over from Mugabe.