Black First Land First (BLF) notes that the South African government has granted diplomatic immunity to Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Comrade Grace Mugabe.

We welcome this brave move by the South African government in the face of the onslaught by white monopoly capital and agents of white supremacy such as Afriforum who want to take advantage of the incident(s) that involve the First Lady.

 BLF has been clear right from the beginning – we stand with Mama Grace Mugabe! To this end we will continue to call for an African solution to the contradictions that emerged that allegedly involves the First Lady.

We wish to call upon the black sister who has been a victim of this situation to seek other means to resolve the matter than being used by Afriforum for its own racist agenda.

 BLF is open to being an intermediary between this black sister, based in SA, and Mama Grace Mugabe.

We must not allow the enemy to take advantage of any differences that may arise between us from time to time.

We call on the First Lady of Zimbabwe to continue to push for a radical agenda in Zimbabwe and as South Africa we support the Land Chimurenga in that country.