By Stanley Goreraza | Prices are rising, buttressing the fears of a Zanupf victory that people had.

Zanupf always has a solid plan to win elections but they never have a plan for the job given to them by the electorate. Each one of them has a plan to make money, get rich and live large. Not one of them has Zimbabwe and the people in their plans.

A Zanupf election victory is for Zanupf and not the people. They have 5 more years sitting pretty and enjoying life as the people suffer all kinds economic despair.

Zanupf isn’t in a hurry to attend to the protracted urgent needs of the economy and that is why they have time to go all around the country conducting thank you rallies.

The business of economic recovery, revival and transformation requires sharp thinking and sharp shooting execution, things beyond their capabilities. Instead their priority is amending the Constitution to block young people from contesting future elections. Their minds are fixed on the next elections and not the economy because they have plans for the next elections and none for the economy.

We put these people in parliament and send them to government. People with narrow minds. People without vision. People without the knowledge required to craft the blueprints required for National propulsion and forward mobility. People without the talent and skills to uplift the Nation and welfare of its people.

There is mourning in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has been a funeral for over 20 years now. There is nothing to celebrate. You cannot celebrate a victory at a funeral. You cannot have a party when there is a funeral next door. Zanupfs victory is not a victory in the midst of mourning, tears, despair, hopelessness and pain. Zanupf caused the funeral in Zimbabwe. It is them who killed the economy that the people of Zimbabwe are mourning. The death of the economy is something painful for Zimbabweans.

Unfortunately Zanupf cannot arrest themselves for the murder of the economy. But we expect them to perform a Lazarus and bring back the economy from the dead. Zanupf must resurrect the economy by changing their ways and becoming like Jesus. They cannot bring anything back to life without becoming like Jesus. They have to be good to do good. They have to be right to do right. They must stop being Godlessly selfish.
Without an economy, they’ll be no blood in the veins of Zimbabwe. The economy is the life blood of the country.

This is no time to celebrate and be happy that “ED Pfeeee”

The economy “Pfeeee” would be something we would all celebrate. Economic victory and not election victory. Economic victory before election victory.