Stanley Goreraza | A fair man will give credit where it’s due.

Big up to Emmerson Mnangagwa. I am still to hear him insulting anyone opposed to him as was the custom during the reign of “you-know-who”. He has been attacked left right and centre by the opposition but he doesn’t respond, even to the most offensive insults. He keeps his cool and his eye on the ball.

 I haven’t heard hate language and insightful rhetoric from the man. Most of the time he wears a smile, seemingly keeping a distance from anger. He has avoided and has refused to be dragged into bashful politics by the opposition, preferring to cling to issues affecting the people and country at large.

He has ignored incessant attacks from the likes of Jonathan Moyo, who is a graduate from the Robert Mugabe school of politics.

Mnangagwa keeps a certain calm about him. He speaks mildly, almost never upping his tone and pitch. He has displayed a lot of maturity by avoiding boastfulness and bashfulness. He has kept his stride straight and has held himself like a gentleman by not being loud or a loudmouth.

The opposition on the other hand find it difficult to make a point without adding some hot chillies. Insults are there on their menu, ordered on not, they will serve them to you especially if you dare criticise or point out a mistake they have made. They will force feed them to you raw. They don’t take kindly to correction or long to draw a weapon and shoot, sometimes shooting in the dark and not caring who gets hit. Someone abused often becomes an abuser. Mr Mugabe caused these people a lot of pain and suffering and now they believe to win you have to cause pain and suffering, hurting others emotionally and psychologically. This problem has worsened and the results are what happened in Buhera and Bulawayo. Those who suffered at the hands of Mr Mugabe might have not received therapy and counselling, (something War Veterans also needed but did not get). That is why they see no problem in forming an alliance with Mr Mugabe’s NPF. Victims of abuse forming an alliance with the abuser. Only possible when both become abusers.

Stanley Gorereza