Mnangagwa reveals ambitions of being life president…Bad news from Chiwenga

Apparently Emmerson Mnangagwa intends on terminating term limits imposed by the constitution. This means he has no plans or intentions of retiring taking into consideration his 6 decades long political career.

There is no better defence against dictatorship than term limits. Term limits are made even stronger by Age limit. People who have reached 80-85 years have no business running a country. Anyone who wants to lead at that age, when nature has reduced all their capabilities is an egomaniac in denial.

We cannot remove term limits because a deluded someone believes they were born to lead and no one else can replace them because they are extraordinary and special.

I hope Mnangagwa wasn’t serious about going beyond 81 years in office because it wasn’t acceptable with Mugabe and it’s not going to be acceptable with him.

Emmerson Mnangagwa has revealed ambitions of being life president when he said on Thursday he could still be the country’s leader in 2030, setting the stage for a potential fight with his deputy, Constantino Chiwenga, seen as harbouring the same ambitions.

“I chose 2030 and it’s not a magic year, but I believe I will still be there,” he told captains of industry at the Buy Zimbabwe conference in Gweru.

In his comments, Mnangagwa also inadvertently gave away future plans to amend the country’s constitution to accommodate Presidential candidates of above 70 as well as scrapping the two term presidential limit. stanley goreraza