GOVERNMENT has paid the last tranche of civil servants’ 2016 bonuses four months before the end of another year, when it is expected to honour the same obligation.

President Robert Mugabe’s administration has been struggling with a debilitating economic crisis, which has resulted in its failure to honour its obligations to workers, including timeous payment of salaries, forcing it to stagger bonus payments.

“The rest of the civil service has been paid now. The money has reflected on our payslips and will be available in banks according to dates shown on August 2,” a source said.
Public Service minister Prisca Mupfumira said the government had met all dates as agreed.

 “I do not have everything with me here, but our principle has been that we meet all agreed dates on which specific groups are supposed to be paid,” she said.

Apex Council chairperson, Cecilia Alexander said she would need to check, but confirmed the government had committed to paying bonuses for the rest of the civil service in August.

“If they have paid, that would be a good thing. We were made to understand that the government would pay the remaining workers’ bonuses next month. I will cross-check with authorities,” she said.

While Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa might have heaved a sigh of relief after accomplishing what seemed a herculean task, teachers’ representatives immediately called on the government to begin planning for this year’s 13th cheque. newsday