The country’s apex bank, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe -RBZ- has released the latest prices for gold coins and digital tokens.

As of 14 February 2024, the gold coins and digital tokens traded as follows:

Backed by a certain amount of gold, which helps keep its value stable, this currency is tied to the market value of the gold as opposed to a fiat currency.

The Zimbabwe gold-backed digital currency is used as legal tender and a store of value alongside the Zimbabwean dollar and bond notes.

Users can buy and sell it using Zimbabwean dollars and other foreign currencies.

Ideally, backing a digital currency with gold involves having a certain measure of gold reserves and depends on the current market value of gold.

The central bank also published gold coins and digital tokens issue number 13/2024 results.

As of 13 February 2024 the total amount of gold traded were as follows: