Gokwe Centre: A well known Gokwe community leader,  Lazarus Muyambi, of the Anglican church has shocked the local community after he buried his wife, Neddie, inside a church.

The man who runs a local Primary School, Gokwe St Agnes Children’s Home, Healing School and a girls high boarding school,  decided to bury his wife inside a church, as he saw it fit that she stays forever where her heart was.

People who attended the funeral expressed their displeasure at the practice, which they described as foreign.

People who identified herself as Sandra, said Chief Njelele must summon Muyambi for questioning, adding that such a practice would bring drought in the area.

“This is unheard of. Chief Njelele must intervene. This practice will cause drought in the area,” she said.

 Contacted for comment, Izwi Muyambi, the deceased’s son, down played the issue, saying there is nothing wrong with burying someone in a church, as it is a norm in Anglican and Roman churches.
He also threatened to sue those who peddle lies about the burial.